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Leadership Coach

Leadership development workshops

Allans Leadership Development Workshops provide exposure to leadership examples where leaders empower others to create supportive and inclusive workplaces where everyone can thrive.

This achieved both through Allan Sicard and other guest presenters who have been guests on The Courage to Lead Interview Series Podcast, which seeks to identify leaders who have the same traits.

The workshops are focused on 3 main themes



Building a formidable and cohesive team that is focused on creating an inclusive and supportive culture where everyone can thrive.



Testing capabilities, enhancing and strengthening abilities to work together when faced with their worst day at work by presenting them with a real scenario that can only be solved by them working together so that when their worst day happens they have an imprint on their mind what to do and who to call on for support.

Examples of this have included, a murder in an Emergency Ward at a Major Sydney Hospital, an incident that takes out a major traffic hub right when school is closing – what do principals do then, a riot at a Prison, an incident at a Youth Hostel, an incident within a major court complex.

Whatever your business is, together we can create a scenario where I can test your people, and prepare them with the skills to work together to come out the other side through the concept, “We are stronger together” and “Practice before you need it.”

I am also a Qualified Licensed Security Consultant in New South Wales.



Identifying areas within the organisation that can be improved and providing strategies to achieve that improvement. Then presenting those strategies to the senior executive of that business.

Other Leadership Coaching options for businesses.



One on one coaching sessions with a nominated leader.



1 full day session facilitating the strengthening of a formidable leadership team focused on cohesiveness and support for each other and their purpose.



1 full day session with the whole of the team and the units within that team on the new direction and cohesion of the whole team in a changing environment.

Check out reviews for verification of the impact of these workshops.


Allan is a humble leader with a passion for bringing out the best in others. He has a long and distinguished career in the NSW Police as a Superintendent. Throughout this time Allan used his position power to champion solutions for the most vulnerable – people experiencing homelessness.

I worked with Allan and others to establish a collective impact response to people sleeping rough in Sydney. This saw a significant change in the policies and practices for assertive outreach leading to improved collaboration, more trauma informed responses and better outcomes for people sleeping rough. It also led to significant improvements in police interactions with people sleeping rough. Allan is a leader who creates opportunities for others to lead. He has a track record of championing voices of women and colleagues across all levels to bring a diversity of voices and approaches to problem solving.

He is a natural coach and excellent facilitator. More recently I’ve worked with Allan to run workshops on everything from crime prevention through environmental design to leadership in not for profits. His ability to see and build on peoples strengths, asks great questions and mobilise shared accountability and action make him an excellent go to for leadership support, coaching and mentoring.

Trina Jones
NSW Rental Commissioner

I found the course content to be invaluable. I am still reflecting on the guidance and experiences Alan shared with us as a cohort and the different ways to reflect on not only our teams, our department, but the bigger point of how and why I should reflect on myself as a manger.
I pay note to Alan giving us all the rare insight, to see vulnerability, how each story is always different with a personal cost, and to appreciate those within our leadership teams, and to see the human side of an often seen, black and white organisation. We all have a reason to be a leader, and we all have the story that developed us into the leader we are or will be.
To see the guest speakers, give their own perspectives, again showed a key element we as leadership fail to see all too often, on a day-to-day basis, is that of the human condition, and the way it shapes us to become an effective leader, or a leader who is failing. I found this to be one of the highlights of the cohort and I am sincerely indebted to Alan and Steve, for giving this rare insight, from one leader to another. I would work under Alan or Steve in a heartbeat, as they are the version of a manager, I strive to be, but have yet, a long way to climb. Please pass on my sincerest gratitude to Alan for this opportunity, and my best wishes for his audience and for his message to grow. I will always reflect upon this opportunity, and highly recommended that any Officer, who is, or will be considered by The NSW Sheriff to be a leader within our establishment, that this opportunity be considered and to be put forward to help our leaders of tomorrow to come forth and be the signpost that points the way for our teams tomorrow.
Warm regards,
Acting Commander
NSW Sheriff District

Over the last three weeks it has been fantastic to partner with Allan Sicard to deliver a number of Leadership Development Workshops to over 60 our frontline supervisors, including both current and aspiring leaders. These workshops delved deep into not only what makes great culture in a workplace, but how as leaders not only can we both inspire and empower our people, but drive cultural change every day through our actions, or inaction. With an absolute wealth of knowledge of experiences from fantastic speakers, our current and future leaders have explored the depths of topics such as psychosocial safety in the workplace, what makes good and bad culture, and how they can work together to build a culture of safety, inclusion and empowerment. It was fantastic to have so many great ideas and concepts brained stormed by our cohorts as to how we can all own change and improve our organisation. The passion is real.

Learning and growing from those mistakes are great opportunities to improve, but the true measure of who we are as leaders is the behaviour we are prepared to accept in the workplace. How we make people feel or the way we deal (or not deal), with workplace issues is what we are measured by. We all want to follow people who inspire confidence, who offer the light on the hill moments when everything feels it’s going wrong, and who operate with compassion and empathy; basically people with the courage to lead.  The standard you walk past is the standard you accept. That is what we will all be remembered by. As one participant said, “Leadership is a value to display daily, not just a position you hold”.


Daniel Gordon

Deputy Sheriff NSW

I met Allan while working on a complex event, with a wide range of stakeholders and historically ‘unresolvable’ issues. Under Allan’s guidance and through his natural ability to facilitate and mediate, we were able to move forward, solve problems and steer towards positive outcomes.I would suggest Allan’s success in facilitation comes from his ability to make people feel supported and opinions valued, to ask the right questions, to guide difficult topics, and to drive accountability and ownership. I am thrilled that Allan continues to use these skills and can offer wider support through RRR Consulting.

Sarah Young
Project Management
Transport and Events

Allan recently completed a fabulous leadership and team cohesion training program to one of my business streams that absolutely hit the mark.
Allan took care from start to finish in making sure that the program design and execution met my brief, and the level of engagement and commitment by the team was great – even the homework tasks!  I can highly recommend Allan, he is skilled in his areas of expertise, personable and has the ability to make sure all participants have a voice without getting off-point – thanks Allan.

Amanda Murray
Senior Manager
Link Wentworth

While good leadership might come naturally to some, great leadership comes from investing time, focus, commitment, and most importantly, trust.

This week, our future leaders benefited from an intensive workshop in leading from the front, and demonstrating resilience and courage when dealing with not just operational challenges, but the challenges of leadership.

Michael Willing APM GAICDAllan Sicard and Jamie Caldwell shared their experiences and leadership journeys, with our future leaders learning that leadership is about trusting yourself, and how you deal with failure, or bounce back from setback, says more about you than your successful.

Can’t wait to watch our future leaders put these lessons into practice.

Daniel Gordon, Deputy Sheriff NSW