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A former New South Wales Police Force officer from 1980 -2020.
The last 15 years as a Police Commander – Superintendent rank.
Command roles in 2 of Australia’s most significant terrorism related incidents.
Police Commander of the Mosman Collar Bomb August 2011.
Forward Police Commander for 1st 2 hours of the Lindt Café Siege December 2014.

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About Allan

Allan highlights how with the right preparation almost anything is possible.

Allan has proven strategies to  develop a work environment where people are empowered to create  a culture of support and inclusiveness.

Allan’s proven strategies result in stronger resilience of self, your people, your stakeholders, and the wider community.

These strategies are relevant for any business, company or organisation.

Book Reviews

Hi Allan. Finished your book and enjoyed it very much. So many parallels I could draw from. You should be very proud of your career! Wow.

I especially enjoyed your humility and candour. We learn from our mistakes. More than anything I enjoyed the compassion that comes through your stories. Compassion and leadership can go together despite traditional authoritarian styles. Great message.

The bit that most made me reflect was towards the end when you zeroed in on empowering others. As we discussed in the podcast, I was once told that I built dependency more than capability. It has stuck with me and I work hard on it. I can see you confronting that in your stories and building the trust that comes with empowering others. You also kept leaning forward into uncertainty.

Well done Alan. You have added to police leadership literature in an enjoyable, digestible, constructive and meaningful way.

Thanks for taking the time to write your memoirs.

Andrew Colvin
Former Commissioner of Police
Australian Federal Police

I finished your book in a day! The first book I have read in 2 years (due to my PTSD)
It was such an easy and interesting read and it did not ‘trigger’ me at all. I commend you on writing honestly about your challenges in NSWPF. Not many leaders I know can do what you did…reflect, learn, pick yourself up and grow (actually flourish) into the leader that you became.
Your leadership course (which I believe was not an official NSWPF course) should mandatory for all commissioned officers. Your passion for leadership definitely flowed through your book. I’m sure your book will inspire many people to become great leaders.
Liss Parker
Former S/Sgt Legal Consultant Domestic & Family Violence Team 33 years service

As I thought, I could not put it down read from cover to cover… its the pure sense of honesty that is so refreshing – you tell it as it was- no frills. The wide coverage of many aspects of policing including mental health, the failing forward concept, that winds golden threads through the book that provides the level of connection with the reality of both the frontline of policing and the challenges of leading.
There are two themes in the book that I would anticipate have substantial value as reading for early career officers (including recruits/probationary officers) in understanding that leadership is not all about being at the head of the line or in a specific position – the discussion of the work life balance and the importance of sharing with family/partners to maintain healthy mental outlook and the building of supportive organisational relationships.

What an excellent piece of work, I shall certainly be advocating for this book, and have already referenced it in an article for the Singapore Academy journal.

Amanda Davies
Senior Lecturer
Charles Sturt University

Just finished this inspiring and entertaining read. Well done sir!

It’s a great read for anyone that has leadership aspirations and for those already in charge, exposure to the insights from a boss facing enormous pressure and expectations.

Andrew Phelan
Managing Director
Project Plus

This book gives a wonderful insight into the real pressures that commanding police endure and shows that leading with compassion and intelligence as well as determination for a successful outcome will benefit everyone.

Karen L

“Hi Allan.

Congrats on your book, its a good read and it flows well. It is suberb.

I particularly liked your chapters about your 1st Command and the Collar Bomb, definitely needed courage to lead.

It’s an incredible insight into Policing and the decisions that need to be made,often very quickly under enormous pressure.”

Jan Willet
Former Director Events
NSW Premier and Cabinet

“”An engrossing account of the challenges of policing – and of leadership.”

Richard Glover

Presenter & Host

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