Just had the best time over the last 3 days in February 2024, facilitating The NSW Sheriff’s Pilot Sergeant Program. Using the theme of my book

The Courage to Lead – Resilience and Compassion in Police Command

“ empowering others to create a supportive and inclusive workplace so people can thrive”

we had a great time seeing their next crop of leaders truly comprehend what is possible in how to build a strong culture in a workplace.

With the help of two of my guests from my podcasts The Courage to Lead

Jamie Caldwell
Michael Willing APM GAICD
and also an impromptu interview with Acting Sheriff NSW
Daniel Gordon

the Pilot Sergeant’s Course participants were exposed to some amazing stories in leadership at a very contemporary level.

If you business or company want to work on your culture give me a call, the framework I use from the theme of my book can apply to any organisation no matter how large or small.

Jamie Caldwell did his presentation in the lounge of a busy airport using Teams, in between flying to important national meetings so his flexibility and adaptability showed what is possible. Thanks mate.