Speaker & Facilitator

Allan’s Key Note
Speaker Topics

  1. Evolving leadership.
  2. Resilience and compassion in leadership.
  3. Empowering leaders to create supportive and inclusive workplaces so people can do their absolute best.
  4. Leading through change successfully drawing on stories memoir
    “The Courage to Lead – Resilience and Compassion in Police Command”.

Speaker and Facilitator

A former New South Wales Police Force officer from 1980 -2020. The last 15 years as a Police Commander – Superintendent rank, with Command roles in 2 of Australia’s most significant terrorism related incidents.  These incidents were as the Police Commander of the Mosman Collar Bomb August 2011 and the Forward Police Commander for 1st 2 hours of the Lindt Café Siege December 2014.

Allan’s expertise is helping organisations build a strong united team. Allan helps organisations prepare for their next challenge, with the ethos: with the right preparation almost anything is possible.

Allan offers in house training exercises to maximise your organisations chances of success when the next big thing happens to challenge your organisations performance.

Sometimes it can be the day to day activities within a workplace that create the biggest challenge.

Maybe you have a dysfunctional team lacking leadership or cohesiveness, maybe your team struggled when the last challenged faced them, they were not ready and they did not work well together or with external partners.

If you want a Key Note Speaker for your next organisation event on topic such as;

Resilience and Compassion in Leadership, Empowering Leaders to Create Supportive and Inclusive Workplaces so people can do their absolute best. Leading through Change successfully.

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Email:  allan@allansicard.com
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The Mosman Collar Bomb

Allan has facilitated leadership courses in the NSW Police every year since 2003.

These were not NSW Police Leadership Courses they were courses prepared and ran by Allan each and every year.

The first course was ran outside of work hours with staff volunteering to come in their own time.  After that first year the concept just grew and was always held in work time with a waiting list.

These courses were not your normal course that targeted Supervisors and Managers.  Allan targeted junior staff who had that spark waiting to find out what was possible once they were exposed to dynamic caring leaders.

There were 200+staff who took part in these courses, with many of them now leaders themselves  influencing and creating the next leaders.

Allan is committed to sharing what has worked and what hasn’t at a leadership level, drawing upon his experience at major front-line events.  Through this approach, he has led and influenced successful leadership teams and the next generation of young leaders to make a difference in workplaces and communities.  These lessons are relevant for any business, company or organisation.

A great example of Allan’s facilitating skills is his work in Homelessness.  From 2013 -2020 Allan led and facilitated a multiagency response to Homelessness in the Sydney CBD and also the Northern  Suburbs of Sydney from Waverton through to the Northern Beaches up to Hornsby and including Ryde.  As a result of this work a sustained number of rough sleepers (400+) were permanently housed with support, creating new opportunities for our most vulnerable.

Allan also facilitated workshops for ACT Corrections in 2021 and more recently due to facilitate training on behalf of Department of Community and Justice for Local Government leaders addressing managing risk for Crowded Places events, 2022

In 2023 recently coached and facilitated a whole of Team strategy session for 2023-24 for Link Wentworth including:

1.  One on One Coaching for nominated leaders
2.  Training that creates a formidable leadership team
3.  Training that brings the leadership team and the people they lead together so they are a cohesive united team, adaptable to a changing world.

Allan’s proven strategies result in stronger resilience of self, your people, your stakeholders, and the wider community.

These strategies are relevant for any business, company or organisation.

Guest presenter to

  • Frontline Mental Health Conference March 2021 – Gold Coast
  • Workplace Mental Health Conference September 2021
  • ACT Corrections Service -January 2021
  • Queensland Police Command Courses in 2017, 18 and 19.
  • Tasmania Police Commanders at their Hobart Academy in 2019, sharing the morning with New Zealand Police from the Christchurch Shootings.
  • Victorian Police Counter Terrorism Training Program in 2019.
  • New South Wales Security Conference in 2016.
  • NSWPF Leadership Command Courses in 2018 and 19.


Allan is a humble leader with a passion for bringing out the best in others. He has a long and distinguished career in the NSW Police as a Superintendent. Throughout this time Allan used his position power to champion solutions for the most vulnerable – people experiencing homelessness.

I worked with Allan and others to establish a collective impact response to people sleeping rough in Sydney. This saw a significant change in the policies and practices for assertive outreach leading to improved collaboration, more trauma informed responses and better outcomes for people sleeping rough. It also led to significant improvements in police interactions with people sleeping rough.

He is a natural coach and excellent facilitator. More recently I’ve worked with Allan to run workshops on everything from crime prevention through environmental design to leadership in not for profits.

Trina Jones
NSW Rental Commissioner

One of the best leaders I’ve worked with. Allan galvanises people around a shared goal in both an inspiring and pragmatic way. He changed the way Policing was done for special events by listening, negotiating and then taking responsibility for what happened on the day. We need more like him!

Jan Willett Consulting Principal, Jan Willett Consulting

Allan Sicard is an outstanding leader and person who I highly recommend. Having worked with Allan I have seen his leadership in action and the inspiration he gives to people around him. A great contributor to the Community and an extremely hard worker as well!

Craig Sheridan APM 
Managing Director, Sheridan Consulting Group Pty Ltd

Allan recently completed a fabulous leadership and team cohesion training program to one of my business streams that absolutely hit the mark.
Allan took care from start to finish in making sure that the program design and execution met my brief, and the level of engagement and commitment by the team was great – even the homework tasks!
I can highly recommend Allan, he is skilled in his areas of expertise, personable and has the ability to make sure all participants have a voice without getting off-point – thanks Allan.

Amanda Murray
Senior Manager within the Social and Affordable Housing sector