The Courage To Lead


In a world full of leaders who put their egos first, and crave power and the spotlight, here is a story about a leader who did exactly the opposite in the autocratic arena of policing.This is a story about Allan Sicard, a leader who empowered others to lead.

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What’s the Memoir about?

Allan Sicard was a NSW Police Officer for 40 years and Police Commander for the last 15 years of that career. During this time, he was renowned for creating a workplace where people did their best working together in some of the most challenging crises Australia has ever seen including the Mosman Collar Bomb in 2011 and the first two hours of the Lindt Café Siege in 2014.

This is a different book about leadership. Leadership where mistakes are made. Leadership where mistakes are learnt from.

Over a period, Allan Sicard developed a leadership style that created a workplace and a community where people do their best because they know they are trusted, included, supported, and cared for.
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About the Author

Allan Sicard is a husband to Kerrie, father to Kirk and Madeleine, and grandfather to Liam, Sylvia, Noah and Luca. Since retiring he spends his time enjoying life with his family including all the joy that being a grandparent brings. He has also taken up beekeeping using the flow hive system and is reputed in unbiased reviews to have the best-tasting honey ever.

Allan is the producer of the podcast “The Courage to Lead Interview Series” where he interviews a suite of leaders who epitomise the skills and attributes to empower others to create supportive and inclusive workplaces, environments and communities.

Allan is the Executive Director of 3R Consulting, the three Rs representing Resilience, Relationships and Reputation. Allan is a speaker and a specialist in leadership, specifically in empowering others to lead to create supportive and inclusive workplaces, environments, and communities so that everyone can do their absolute best. Allan lives in Sydney. The Courage to Lead is his first book.

He has worked in the NSW Police Force for 40 years from 1980 to 2020, with the last 15 years of that career as a police commander.

Allan has successfully led several planned and unplanned major events in the Sydney Metropolitan Region. These events and incidents included the Mosman Collar Bomb in 2011 as a police commander, and the Lindt Cafe Siege in 2014 as a forward police commander during the first two hours.

Allan led, coordinated and facilitated a multi-agency response to homelessness, housing hundreds of people across central Sydney and the Northern Districts of Sydney between 2013 and 2020.

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Policing – A Journal of Policy and Practice, Volume 17, 2023

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Policing – A Journal of Policy and Practice, Volume 17, 2023