So this happened today and I will explain how it did.

In December 2023 I was asked by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet Major Events Team to help them plan and facilitate a unique way of testing all the stakeholders of Sydney New Years in a face to face Risk Exercise.

I did this with 60+ people in the room practicing together building their awareness, trust and appreciation of how they could help other with the challenges that could and do happen in major events.
The risk exercise format was well received.

Feedback was given to a Senior Lecturer at the Business School of University of NSW Centre for Social Impact Leadership cohort and the next thing I know I am presenting to them today via Zoom.

My topic was Evolving Leadership which summarises the theme of my book

The Courage to Lead – Resilience and Compassion in Police Command,

Highlighting how to prepare yourself to lead jobs like The Mosman Collar Bomb and the 1st two hours of The Lindt Cafe Siege and then pay those experiences forward by continually practicing with all our stakeholders to prepare our people, our partner agencies and our communities for the next big job.

My talk also highlights how to form a formidable team that empowers others to create of supportive and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.

Here are some snapshots of the day and the white board debrief of the students where they take apart a job like the Collar Bomb.

Thanks lee cooper UNSW for entrusting your students to me today.

It’s wonderful to see some key messages delivered in the debriefing by your students.