After 3 x Leadership Development Workshops (with more to come) for the Sergeants, Inspectors and Superintendents of the NSW Sheriffs Office, and also a session with their Senior Leadership Team, I received a copy of this feedback, about what the program meant to one of the participants. There has been a volume of positive feedback, but this email is a gem.

“Good Afternoon Sheriff Academy,

Thank you for forwarding the information regarding the course and its content.

I just wish to relay the sentiment, that when I first saw the contents being tabled for discussion, I was closed to the possibility that there would have been any value within the course and the time spent at the cohort. I know boats right??

How wrong was I?….. I found the course content to be invaluable. I am still reflecting on the guidance and experiences Alan shared with us as a cohort and the different ways to reflect on not only our teams, our department, but the bigger point of how and why I should reflect on myself as a manger.

I sincerely appreciate the time that was given to us, as a leadership, and my only negative taken, was that the opportunity to discuss in depth, us as a leadership, was the fact it did not go longer.

I pay particular note to Alan giving us all the rare insight, to see vulnerability, how each story is always different with a personal cost, and to appreciate those within our leadership teams, and to see the human side of a often seen, black and white organisation.

To show us the rare opportunity to see our leader, the Sheriff, give her own personal perspective of vulnerability was inspiring to listen to, and to appreciate that what we see before us, is not always that is within. We all have a reason to be a leader, and we all have the story that developed us into the leader we are, or will be.

To see the guest speakers give their own perspectives, again showed a key element we as leadership fail to see all too often, on a day to day basis, is that of the human condition, and the way it shapes us to become an effective leader, or a leader who is failing. Of particular mention was the guest speaker former Deputy Commissioner Steven Pearce. To listen to his own story, his trials and tribulations that comes with being a leader, and the personal cost of failure and scrutiny. I found this to be one of the highlights of the cohort and I am sincerely indebted to Alan and Steve, for giving this rare insight, from one leader, to another. I would work under Alan or Steve in a heartbeat, as they are the version of a manager, I strive to be, but still have yet, a long way to climb.

Please pass on my sincerest gratitude to Alan for this opportunity, and my best wishes for his audience and for his message to grow.

I would like to sincerely thank Sheriff Hall and Deputy Sheriff Gordon for the opportunity to be considered to be present at such an opportunity, and for the consideration that perhaps one day I could have been the leader that could have paved the way for our organisation. I will always reflect upon this opportunity, and highly recommended that any Officer, who is, or will be considered by The NSW Sheriff to be a leader within our establishment, that this opportunity be considered and to be put forward to help our leaders of tomorrow to come forth, and be the signpost that points the way for our teams tomorrow.

Again, I sincerely thank you for the opportunity.

Warm regards,

Acting Commander

NSW Sheriff District”

The link below describes in detail what the Leadership Development Workshops are all about if you or your organisation is interested.

I can be contacted via email to discuss what may be adapted for your workplace, if you wish to develop an inclusive and supportive culture so everyone in your business can .