Save the Date – October 19th, 2023, at 1 pm! I’m thrilled to invite you to my presentation at Writers at Stanton, where I’ll be discussing my self-published book, “The Courage to Lead – Resilience and Compassion in Police Command.”

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My book is a memoir that takes you through my 40 years of service as a New South Wales Police Officer, with a deep dive into my 15 years as a Police Commander. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover:

🌟 The Art of Failing Forward: I share my journey of learning from mistakes and growing as a leader. It’s about seeking help, building a supportive team, and empowering others in challenging situations.

🤝 Making a Difference: I volunteered for as the Police Sponsor for Homelessness, leading collaborative efforts that housed hundreds of homeless individuals in the Sydney CBD and the Northern Districts of Sydney from 2013-2020. It’s a story of working smarter to create a positive impact.

🙌 Courage to Empower: I firmly believe that “The true measure of a leader is how many other leaders they create.” I’ll discuss the courage it takes to empower others.

🌞 Prioritizing Well-being: My experience as a commander taught me to prioritize the well-being of officers over performance. Creating a supportive and inclusive workplace is key to helping people thrive.

👥 The Power of Teamwork: Teamwork and creating a supportive environment are essential. I’ll highlight the significance of connection and purpose, showing that with the right preparation in leadership, almost anything is possible.

My book is not just for Police or Emergency Services leaders; it’s for anyone who’s made a mistake and wishes to learn, grow, and keep moving forward.

Join me at Writers at Stanton for a session filled with insights and inspiration!

“Leading is not easy, but if you never stop learning, build a formidable team, and empower others to create a supportive and inclusive workplace, amazing things will happen.”


Geoff Stanwell had me back on his show on 20 September 2023 on 90.3 FM Radio Northern Beaches to interview me after the book launch for The Courage to Lead had occurred and after his reading of the book.

As always it was just like talking to an old friend and Geoff explores various sections of the book that he enjoyed.


Meet Jason Hayes, former actor and radio presenter.  Jason will be narrating my book and and the end of every chapter interviewing me so that the listener gets that little bit extra.  Jason is my wife’s brother, so it is wonderful to do this project with family.
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Appeared on the Geoff Stanwell show on 29 March 2023 on 90.3 FM Radio Northern Beaches.

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So honoured to be a guest on Emma Doyle’s Podcast in late March 2023. Emma will release the interview on 27 June 2023.

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Being a leader is not a job title it is a continuing journey, with ups and downs, mistakes and triumphs.

Allan Sicard’s memoir, The Courage to Lead, is a captivating portrayal of his 40-year journey in law enforcement, demonstrating how he navigated the challenges of a highly scrutinised organisation and built a culture of support and inclusion for his team.

As a reader, I am struck by Allan’s bravery, sound judgement, and unwavering dedication to promoting gender equality and innovative responses to homelessness within NSW Police.

His inspiring leadership and drive to empower others to lead is beyond commendable, and deeply rooted in his strong values and unwavering commitment to serve the community.

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Through his accounts of personal and professional experiences, Allan demonstrates that courage is more than just running towards danger, but also about empowering others to lead and creating a workplace that supports, respects and values diversity.

Allan’s book is an honest and compelling read, peeling back the curtain on a lifetime of service protecting the community.

I have personally known Allan and seen firsthand, his leadership and unwavering commitment to serve the community and learn from others. His legacy, and this book, is sure to inspire generations to come.

She has The Courage to Lead

#tellyourstory Australia with Allan Sicard & Michelle Boundy.

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Between The Covers
Shawline Publishing
A discovery into becoming a new Australian author as seen and created through the experiences of both publisher and authors who have joined together to collaborate and grow the awareness of new talents in the competitive landscapes. A series designed around who and what can be done and achieved by patience and planning and working in a community of like minded successful people. This podcast series is for anyone looking at becoming a really successful published author and those looking to understand the mind of a writer and the goals of a publisher…Welcome and enjoy.

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