Independent Candidate

The Hills Shire Council Elections 2024


Who is Allan Sicard?

I am a husband to Kerrie, father to Kirk and Madeleine, and grandfather to Liam, Sylvia, Noah and Luca.  Our family has lived in the Hills District since 1992 with our children going to school at Matthew Pearce Public School, Dural Public School, Oak Hill College and Model Farms High School.  We have lived in the Knightsbridge area since 2014.

Since retiring after 40 years in the NSW Police Force in 2020, I spend my time enjoying life with our family including all the joy that being a grandparent brings. I have also taken up beekeeping using the flow hive system and I have received unbiased reviews that I have the best-tasting honey ever.

I worked in the NSW Police Force for 40 years from 1980 to 2020, with the last 15 years of that career as a police commander.

I successfully led several planned and unplanned major events in the Sydney Metropolitan Region. These events and incidents included the Mosman Collar Bomb in 2011 as a police commander, and the Lindt Cafe Siege in 2014 as a forward police commander during the first two hours.

I led, coordinated and facilitated a multi-agency response to homelessness, housing hundreds of people across central Sydney and the Northern Districts of Sydney between 2013 and 2020.

I am the producer of the podcast “The Courage to Lead Interview Series” where I interview a suite of leaders who epitomise the skills and attributes to empower others to create supportive and inclusive workplaces, environments and communities.

I am the cohost of the Podcast “She Has the Courage to Lead” highlighting the social issues impacting this country and the women who are driving change, making a difference in the lives of others and within their community.

I am the Executive Director of 3R Consulting, the three Rs representing Resilience, Relationships and Reputation. I am a speaker and a specialist in leadership, specifically in empowering others to lead to create supportive and inclusive workplaces, environments, and communities so that everyone can do their absolute best. I live in Castle Hill and The Courage to Lead – Resilience and Compassion in Police Command is my first book.

My wife Kerrie, was also a NSW Police Officer, retiring at the rank of Detective Inspector in 2017 after a total of 32 years service.

Prior to her retirement she joined WIRES as a wildlife carer/volunteer and has been in that organisation for 10 years now, most of the time as a Posssum and Small Mammals Coordinator. 

Kerrie also volunteers for Bidjiwong Nursery for Hills Shire Council, where she cultivates native plants from seeds to be replanted across the Hills Shire.

Kerrie is also a volunteer for The Powerful Owl Project, in the North West of Sydney, being assigned oversight and monitoring of a breeding pair.  The Powerful Owl is Australia’s largest owl and a Critically Endangered Species. 


A 40 year Policing Career – Serving the Community in NSW – living in The Hills

I joined the NSW Police Force in 1980.

Since that time I worked across NSW in both City and Rural locations, starting in Marboubra, and then Randwick for the first 2 years.

I transferred to Goulburn Police Station in 1984, where I met my wife Kerrie, who had just transferred to Goulburn Police Station that same year. We were to spend the next 8 years of our lives at Goulburn.  I joined the Gouburn Highway Patrol initially and became a part time Rescue Squad Operator and a part time member of the Special Weapons Operations Squad (SWOS) the police who go in to resolve situations that have gone wrong.

Whilst at Goulburn I returned to General Duties, became a part time Education Training Officer, a Licencing Officer and also a Field Training Officer before embarking on a 14 year career as a Designated Detective.  As a Detective I worked at Goulburn, Blacktown, Organised Asian Crime, Riverstone, Bankstown and also the Integrity Testing Unit.

A highlight of my Detective career was, as a Detective Sergeant, winning the Peter Mitchell Award for Excellence in a Police Investigation for successfully convicting 7 Organised Crime identities for Executing two other Organised Crime Figures in Bankstown in 1996.  The first trial for this crime lasted for 7 months with guitly verdicts for 6 offenders for Manslaughter x 2.  The second trial for the last offender went for 3 months with him being convicted for Murder and Manslaughter. A complication of this investigation was a contract to kill, was taken out against myself and two other senior investigators, which saw the three of us authorised to carry our firearms 24 hours a day, have our vehicles and homes fitted with the latest security and a myriad of other protective measures.  This rarely ever happens so it was a very interesting time.

I was promoted to Chief Inspector in Penrith where I worked with Penrith Leagues Club to dramatically reduce the number of alcohol related assaults working collaboratively with a range of community stakeholders.

I was promoted to Superintendent in 2005 and performed that role at a number of locations, both rural and city locations, till 2020 when I retired.

I have received the Long Service Medal and Police Medals, with all the clasps that come with those honors through to 40 years of service.  I have also received the National Policing Medal and more recently the NSW Police Commissioners Emergency Commendation in 2020.

I also received 2 x Commissioners Unit Citations.  The first being for my role as Police Commander in The Mosman Collar Bomb in 2011.  The second being for my role as Police Forward Commander in the 1st 2 hours of the Lindt Cafe Siege in 2014.

As a Police Commander I was the Region Sponsor for a number of community issues:

Diplomatic Consulate Liaison

Police Volunteers

and from 2012 – 2020 the Region Sponsor for Homelessness, Elder Abuse and Disability.

I am extremely proud of my time in the Homelessness Sector, influencing other like minded leaders across government and community in the Sydney CBD and across the Northern Districts of Sydney to work smarter and collaboratively to house hundreds of people, without any extra funding.

As the Homelessness Sponsor I assisted in creating some amazing initiatives to raise awareness during Homelessness Week, of just how easy it is for people to become homeless.  These initiatives includes the Homelessness Police Boot Drive, where every police station in NSW who wanted to be involved, donated their second hand police boots to Mission Australia to be provided free of charge to homeless people.  The NSW Police Boot drive was a feature of Homelessness Week for several years under my leadership.  Another iniative we did was to conduct a 24 hour Sydney Harbour Bridge Relay where groups of 6-8 people representing a community group working in the Homelessness Sector, walked across and back on the footpath of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for 24 hours.  We did that 3 years in a row.  I worked with some absolutely amazing people during this time.

The relationships that I established at that time are still ongoing today, with Trina Jones, formerly the Manager for Homelessness in the City of Sydney Council, now the 1st Rental Commissioner of New South Wales and Rebecca Pinkstone, formerly a Manager in Bridge Housing, now the 1st CEO for Homes NSW in 2024 for the NSW State Government.

I also facilated Leadership Development Workshops from 2011 – 2020 every year for 6 months of each year to develop and create other leaders.

I was seconded to the Department of Premier and Cabinet to work in the Operations Unit where I worked with people across all levels of government to identify emerging issues of risk across communities.  During this time I worked on the 1st version of the Newcastle City Liquor Accord, and help resolve community tensions when buses were unable to go into suburbs in Western Sydney and the Central Coast, simply by having all sections of government work collaboratively together.

I am recognised as an experienced leader in Major Events and Emergency Management, fulfilling the role of Police Commander or Police Forward Commander in events such as New Years Eve – Rose Bay Forward Commander (2007-2010), North Sydney Forward Commander (2011-2019) (500+ police), Sydney Marathon Police Commander for 7 years during and after the Boston Marathon Terrorist incidents, City to Surf Police Commander, Mardi Gras Police Forward Commander, countless high risk sporting events at The Sydney Cricket Ground and other major events including Future Music and Good Vibes Music Festivals, all with 30,000 + crowds.

As a Police Commander I had the opportunity to support charities.  The main charity I assisted was NSW Police Legacy.  In 2014 I did the Kokoda Trail in New Guinea, with several police legatees and also my son, Kirk, finishing the day before Anzac Day.  Hearing the Australian Anthem at Bowana War Cemetry, in full police uniform at Dawn on Anzac Day is like nothing you will ever experience.

I also supported NSW Police Legacy for 2 years in the NSW Police Legacy Boxing Competition where mate versuses mate, entering the boxing ring to raise money for this valuable cause.  As a person who has never boxed before this was possibly the most scariest thing I have ever done.  Thankfully it was for a good cause.

I also supported Youth Homelessness by abseiling off a 40+ storey building in Martin Place, Sydney early one Saturday morning.  Despite me being an Advanced Roper in the Police Rescue Squad in the 1980s, when I abseiled from this height in that later part of 2015-16, it was still very high up there.

Another beautiful charity we supported was the Sydney Cricket Ground Pink Test.  All Police who worked on the Pink Test Day, were supplied with their own Pink Baggy Police Cap to wear and keep as a momento.  Additionally all police who work the Pink Test, donate their days wages to the McGrath Breast Cancer Foundation, with the majority of police working 12 + hours each time.  

I am still active in the Major Events arena, being recently contracted to Create and Facilitate the Sydney New Years Eve All Agencies Risk Exercise in December 2023.




What do I stand for?

My desire to enhance the lives of others.

I have dedicated over 40 years of my life to serving others.  I am deeply passionate about improving my local community and creating an environment where people feel a sense of belonging, are valued and and thrive.

I am a retired police officer who served in the NSW Police Force for 40 years from 1980 to 2020.  During my last 15 years of service, I held the rank of Police Commander – Detective Superintendent, and led two of Australia’s most significant events, The Mosman Collar Bomb (Police Commander) in 2011 and the 1st 2 hours of the Lindt Cafe (Police Forward Commander) in 2014.

Since I retired from the NSW Police, I have continued to serve my community with my podcast call The Courage to Lead Interview Series.  My podcasts highlights leaders in our community, all over Australia, who have empowered others to create a supportive workplace, environment, or community, where people can do their absolute best.

In 2022, I published my memoir called, The Courage to Lead – Resilience and Compassion in Police Command, which talks about my career in the NSW Police, my experience in leading others, through collaboration across government and communities, and my genuine desire to enhance the lives of others.  Through my book launches and my attendance at other public functions and events, I have enjoyed meeting members of our community and wider Sydney, listening to the things that they love about our community and the challenges within our society, which in 2023-24 and onwards includes Affordable Housing.

In September 2023, I had the privilege of co-hosting the podcast series called, “She Has the Courage to Lead”, with Michelle Boundy, the founder of She Inspires Me.  She Inspires Me has now become one of Australia’s much loved, influential and fast-growing movements across the country.  Our episodes are aired every other week, and it has been wonderful to support Michelle, who highlights the achievements and contributions women are making in our community.

If you would like to know more about these wonderful community initiatives, please refer to the links below:


and particularly my podcasts titled



SHE HAS THE COURAGE TO LEAD (where I cohost with Michelle Boundy the Founder of The She Inspires Me Australia Movement)

If you want to know my life’s story as a Police Officer for 40 years I have written my first book also called

The Courage to Lead – Resilience and Compassion in Police Command.  

As community, I believe we should have a voice, and through that voice our elected officials represent our concerns to the fullest of their abilities in an impartial and fair manner.

My overall election platform is


Our Community

Our Council


The principles I will focus on as a candidate and if elected are:

  • working co-operatively with other councils and the State government to achieve desired outcomes for the local community.
  • manage our lands and other assets so that current and future local community needs can be met in an affordable way.
  • act fairly, ethically and without bias in the interests of the local community.
  • consider the long term and cumulative effects of actions on future generations.
  • consider the principles of ecologically sustainable development.
  • decision-making should be transparent and decision-makers are to be accountable for decisions and omissions.



Team Allan Sicard have been hard at work on these issues:

They have come up with the following 3 priorities:

  1. Transport and everything that comes with it, for instance public transport, congesstion and the waiting and reliability of buses.
  2. Affordable Housing and the lack of it
  3. Retention of staff in local businesses

I would be very interested for you to share what your concerns are.  Contact me to arrange a face to face meeting or I am happy to take your concerns electronically.

Email me on the links provided on this page.

How can you support me?

The journey as an Independent candidate in a local council election is not an easy one, but it is more than achievable with a change in focus.

Simply vote for the person and not a political party.

That changes everything, especially when you vote for the whole ballot paper for a ward and not simply put 1 vote for a political party because you don’t know the candidate.


The Hills is divided into four wards, with each ward electing three councillors.

  • Central ward covers northern parts of Kellyville and Kellyville North.
  • East ward covers eastern parts of Baulkham Hills, parts of West Pennant Hills and parts of Castle Hill.
  • North ward covers most of the council’s land mass, including Beaumont Hills, Glenhaven, Annangrove, Kenthurst and Maroota.
  • West ward covers Bella Vista and the remainder of Kellyville.

My ward that I am seeking election to is The Central Ward.

For me to get elected I require 6,600 votes to be certain of being elected.  This means the support of businesses, community groups, friends, family and community networks is crucial.

This means voters need to vote for
the individual who they are familiar with and can relate to,
not a Political Party.


To highlight how this works in the 2021 Local Council Elections, the Central Ward voted 1 for the Liberal Party, with 14448 votes (54%) and the actual candidates who were elected 1st and 2nd,  1. Jessica Brazier only received 633 votes, with 2. Mark Hodges receiving only 341 votes.

Surely we can do better than this and vote for an individual who is committed to a local area and not candidates who follow a  political party’s whims and rhetoric.

The Hills Shire (previously known as Baulkham Hills Shire) has traditionally been dominated by independents, but the area has long been dominated by the Liberal Party at other levels of government.

The Liberal Party first ran official candidates for Baulkham Hills in 2008, and swept into power in a landslide. The Liberal Party won two out of three seats in all four wards, with the remaining seat in each ward going to the Labor Party. This wiped out the independents, and produced a council with eight Liberal and four Labor councillors.

The 2012 election saw the Liberal Party improbably gain even further ground, winning all three seats in the North ward, for a total of nine seats on the council. The other three seats went to Labor. A referendum was passed in 2012 creating a directly elected mayoralty, to be first elected at the next election.

The southern end of the council (containing areas south of the M2) were transferred to the City of Parramatta in 2016.

The 2017 election was the first election where The Hills directly elected the mayor, in addition to the twelve other councillors. The Liberal Party’s Michelle Byrne, who had previously served two years as mayor, was elected mayor with almost 62% of the vote.

There was a 6% swing against the Liberal Party on council but it made no difference to the seat count, with the Liberals holding their nine seats against three for Labor.

The 2021 election saw Liberals hold 8 seats, Labor 3 seats and Greens 1 seat.


Team Allan Sicard currently has some vacant positions.  All positions are voluntary without pay but I can guarantee you we will be working together to create a local council that represents our community and not a political party.

The positions currently vacant on Team Allan Sicard are:

Campaign Manager

Communications Manager

Political Mentor/Advisor

Media and Marketing Manager

Legal Adviser

IT and Data Support

Diary Manager/Scheduler

Finance Manager

Fundraising Manager

Volunteer Manager

Booth Coordinator


Some of these positions can be dually held by one person.

Looking forward to meeting Team Allan Sicard and working with you to create a Council that genuinely works for our Community.


 Margaret Mead

  “A small group of committed people can change the world in fact it is the only thing that ever has”

Allan Sicard "Lets change the Hills Shire Council and make it a community voice, not the voice of a Political Party."