Dear fellow residents of The Hills Shire,

Reflecting on my experiences since attending my first council meeting in October 2023, I can’t help but wonder about the direction of our local governance. The emergence and handling of community issues have been disappointing, marked by divisiveness and exclusivity.

Issue 1:

The dire need for affordable housing in The Hills during this unprecedented housing crisis has been brushed aside by our current council. Instead of addressing this pressing issue, they’ve chosen to prioritise keeping big houses with big back yard to play cricket in,  over community needs. It’s disheartening to see our leaders neglecting those who struggle to afford living in our area.

Issue 2:

The refusal to engage in a public discussion about the conversion of the old pony club site by Eastwood Rugby Union Club into an Elite Rugby Facility, demonstrates a concerning lack of transparency and accountability. The dismissal of community concerns and the derogatory remarks made towards citizens advocating for transparency are simply unacceptable. Our elected representatives should value and respect the voices of all residents.

Issue 3:

The recent changes to the Code of Meeting practice further diminish community participation and input in council affairs. By restricting opportunities for citizens to speak out and removing mechanisms for democratic engagement like e-petitions, our council is undermining the very essence of democracy. It’s alarming to witness such regressive measures being implemented.

Issue 4:

The exclusionary stance taken by our council regarding Drag Story Time is deeply disappointing. By voting to remove support for this inclusive initiative, our leaders have sent a clear message of intolerance. Moreover, the aggressive behaviour displayed by certain council members towards dissenting voices within their own council is utterly unacceptable and reflects poorly on our community’s values.  What is more concerning, the bullying behaviour by a senior leading man in the council towards a quiet spoken and respectful woman in the council was shameful and does not represent the values of today’s society.

In light of these issues, I’m compelled to offer an alternative. I pledge to represent the interests of all residents, including those currently marginalised or ignored by our council. As an independent candidate in the upcoming local elections, I stand for inclusivity, transparency, and effective leadership.

My candidacy is founded on three pillars:

  1. Local: With decades of residency in The Hills Shire, I understand the needs and aspirations of our community intimately.
  2. Independent: I am not beholden to any major party or external interests. My allegiance lies solely with the people of The Hills Shire.
  3. Effective: Drawing upon my extensive experience in law enforcement and community leadership, I am committed to achieving positive outcomes for our community through collaboration and empathy.

If you share my vision for a more inclusive and responsive local government, I urge you to support my candidacy. Together, we can usher in a new era of accountability, representation, and progress.

You can find out more about me on my website:

But remember, change requires action. If you believe in maintaining the status quo—where affordable housing remains unaddressed, community voices are silenced, and exclusion persists—then my candidacy may not be for you.  I am running for election as an Independent in the Central Ward.  We need more Independents on our Council, there are 3 other wards where Independents could change the current power imbalance of our local council.  The Hills Shire Council used to be an Independent Council until it was taken over by the Liberal Party.  Let’s change that together.

The choice is yours. Let’s shape the future of The Hills Shire together.

Warm regards,

Allan Sicard
Independent Candidate for The Hills Shire Local Elections, September 14, 2024
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Local, Independent, Effective