When I wrote and published, The Courage to Lead,  the wonderful outcome, is that people read it.  As a result, this lets me to share my experiences on how to achieve Supportive and Inclusive Leadership in the workplace. Any workplace.

I received this wonderful review of what the book meant.  This review came through on a personal message service.  My wife and I were holidaying in Scotland and England at the time.

Thank you Aaron A for highlighting what The Courage to Lead, meant for you.

A book for all leaders who want to create a supportive and inclusive workplace.

What I loved about Aaron A’s book review is he gets my book message.

Aaron A works in the Corporate world and not Law Enforcement or the Emergency Services.  The messages and lessons of my book are for all leaders seeking to enhance their Supportive and Inclusive Leadership skills.  This applies in what ever environment you work in. Aaron A’s states, Coming to you from the corporate environ where there are a lot of lessons that can be learned from your approach generally throughout your career.”

My message of The Courage to Lead is quoted below:

“Leading is not easy.  If we never stop learning, build a formidable team, and empower others to create a supportive and inclusive workplace, amazing things will happen.”  (See academic review on Google)