Hello everyone, today I am cohosting with the wonderful Michelle Boundy, “She Has the Courage to Lead” podcast (Episode 4) and leader of the She Inspires Me movement in Australia. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you some of the exciting developments and inspiring individuals that have been part of Michelle’s journey over the last fortnight.

Celebrating Success and Encouraging Courage

Firstly, Michelle expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming positive feedback we’ve received for our podcast. It’s been a joy to see the success of our platform and the impact it’s having on our listeners.

Michelle also wanted to take a moment(totally unscripted to me) to acknowledge my book, “The Courage to Lead”. Michelle took the step of highly recommend this inspiring read to all our listeners. With bulk copies at a discounted rate, so don’t miss out on this opportunity for Christmas!

Championing Change: Superintendent Andrew Hurst NSW Police Force and Domestic Violence

One of the individuals we’ve had the privilege to discuss is Andrew Hurst, a Superintendent of the New South Wales Police with over 30 years of experience. Andrew recently completed the Winston Churchill Trust on domestic violence, a pressing issue that urgently needs our attention and action. We encourage everyone to support Andrew’s commendable work in this area.

Spotlight on King & Wood Mallesons: Leadership and Diversity

We’ve also had the pleasure of discussing Renee Leaver, the Chief Executive Partner for Australasia at King & Wood Mallesons, a top-tier corporate and national law firm. Michelle is truly impressed by the firm’s accomplishments and their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Michelle is excited to announce that Corinne West, the Head of Diversity and Inclusion at King & Wood Mallesons, has joined us as a new ambassador for She Inspires Me. Corinne’s extensive experience in leading cultural transformation programs makes her a valuable addition to our team.

The She Inspires Me Movement: Recognition and Endorsement

Michelle is incredibly grateful for the support and interest from King & Wood Mallesons. Their incredible leadership team and the passionate women who work there are a testament to the firm’s genuine care and regard for their staff, despite the tough nature of the legal profession.

Michelle is also humbled by the impressive individuals she has been able to bring on board, such as Lauren Cassimatis and Corinne West. Their recognition and endorsement significantly contribute to the She Inspires Me movement.

Making Waves: Supporting Foundations and Encouraging Empowerment

Recently, Michelle has had the opportunity to work with the Making Waves Foundation, which provides sailing experiences for young people with disabilities and those who are socially disadvantaged. I encourage everyone to support this foundation and their incredible work.

The Power of Support: Building Each Other Up

At the end of this episode we reflect on the incredible individuals she has encountered through the She Inspires Me movement. Michelle shares the story of a woman who was once homeless but has now become a national figure. This serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of reaching out for support when struggling and the need for women to build each other up instead of tearing each other down.

Gratitude and Farewell

Michelle ends the chat wanting to express her gratitude for the opportunity to share about the inspiring people she works with. She feels blessed to lead such an incredible movement and is excited about the work She Inspires Me Australia is doing.  Thank you for joining us on this journey. Your support means the world to us. Remember to leave positive reviews to help spread the word about our achievements nationally and internationally. Here’s to a great week ahead!
Here is the link to Episode 4 of She Has the Courage to Lead