The Journey of a Young Advocate: Abby Jane and the Rainbow Shoelace Project

🌈  🌈  🌈  Abbie Jane (14 years old) The leader and founder of The Rainbow Shoelace Project aims to offer support and inclusivity to those who may feel alone or isolated due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.
What do you think about the significance of symbolic acts of support in promoting acceptance?🌈  🌈 🌈

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The Courage to Lead Change in the Housing Sector: A Conversation with Rebecca Pinkstone

🏑 Curious about the challenges and opportunities in the housing sector? Rebecca Pinkstone, CEO of Homes New South Wales, joins me in the latest episode to discuss the urgency of addressing the housing crisis and the need for community engagement in driving change locally.

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Here is the link to listen to these amazing leaders on very contemporary issues in our communities plus an assortment of other talented and courageous leader.