With Christmas 2023, approaching I received an amazing review about my book The Courage to Lead in my emails this week.
This is a snippet of what the email contained, there was a lot of other more personal stuff that I will cherish forever but this section of the review is ok for public sharing.
Good afternoon Allan,
I just wanted to reach out and let you know I finished your book – ‘The Courage to Lead’ and I enjoyed it immensely.
To me, it felt real.
You not only spoke about what you achieved and your successes- but you spoke about your failures, what went wrong, what you learnt from them and how you worked towards fixing it.
Thank you for that.
It wasn’t some magical book where everything went perfect.
So, with that- I want to thank you.
for helping give me the tools to work on becoming a better leader.
My book is not your normal story about how good things occur at a leadership level.  It tells the whole story.  So if you are after a different book idea for your loved ones or friends for Christmas consider my book.