My memoir in 3 parts of my 40 years as a Police Officer.

I. New and Naïve

II. Earning my stripes

III. Learning from the Past and Paying it Forward

First edit is back from the editor, how exciting, or it is for me.

The review is not that confronting and it looks like we are on the right track.

I am up to Chapter 6, in the edit comments made and aim to have it back to the editor for the 2nd edit by Monday 27/2/23.

I was intending to make some other configurations of The Courage to Lead cover but I am getting good feedback about what I have already circulated so with some better editing and font choices it is looking like that is the cover.

Some early reviews are in so check them out in the Testimonial section of this page.

Some early feedback on the current draft at the editor:

Kerrie Rose (my wife)

“I sat down this arvo to read what he has sent through to the editor and it was riveting! This man I have known for nearly 39 yers, married 35 years ago the way he told it was simply fascinating! Such a surprise, because we have conversations and he drives me mad!!

I’ve always known he was very different to me, the way he thinks has always kept me on the hop, but seeing his full thought processes and intentions is simply astounding. Well done to my gorgeous husband, I am very very proud and can truly recommend his book. We need more leaders like him, I certainly didn’t experience enough of them, resulting in my early retirement from the NSW POLICE. Congratulations my love.”

Another independent review,

“All I can say is wow. What a read. It was so easy to read and really picked up on the experiences that shaped your leadership style. Each Chapter really is a story to identify a leadership learning. “