14/3/23 – News update:

My memoir in 3 parts of my 40 years as a Police Officer.

I. New and Naïve

II. Earning my stripes

III. Learning from the Past and Paying it Forward

The final edit from the publisher is in. The memoir is laid out as it would be in a book chapter and it is truly taking shape. I am doing the final updates to that edit so that from here the book can start to be prepared for publishing.

In the interim I have sourced, paid for and sought approval to use a media related photo that I intend to have as the cover photo of the memoir. Of course when it is the cover photo of a book, it costs more to secure the authorisation to use it.

It is looking like the official publish date will be the last week in June 2023. This allows time for the actual printed copies of the book to be delivered in time for the official launch.

I have approached an amazing venue to be the Official Launch Party and am awaiting confirmation that they can accomodate our launch party. I am also locking in a time and date for the memoir to be launched over public radio as well.

I will keep you all posted.

Some new testimonials just in that will be included in the memoir’s opening pages.

Rebecca Pinkstone CEO Bridge Housing,

“All I can say is wow. What a read. Each Chapter really is a story to identify a leadership learning. The Courage to Lead is a deeply personal reflection on leadership as an officer in the NSW Police Force. Allan’s book charts not only his own leadership journey but how leadership must adapt to change driven from within institutions and in response to broader societal change”

Mark Berridge, Multiple Award Winning Author of “A Fraction Stronger”

“Allan Sicard’s rise from Police Cadet to Commander provides a rich tapestry for reflection. He shares his setbacks and challenges, connecting these to the caring, committed and courageous leader he became through perseverance and personal growth. He reminds us of what can be achieved through committed teamwork, especially in the face of suffocating situational scrutiny. Allan refused to settle for life’s more comfortable paths – demonstrating time and time again the courage to act, to share, to lead and to empower. Consequently, The Courage to Lead provides universal life lessons; learning from failure, adapting to succeed, forging engaged and respectful relationships. Most of all, it is a compelling celebration of human spirit.”

Former Assistant Commissioner Alan Clarke, NSWPF

” I don’t believe that resilience itself is a goal to aspire to. There is no glory in hanging around for a long time. The objectives should be: do your best but learn from your mistakes. When you are down pick yourself up, continue and build experience. Act with integrity. Care for the people you lead and the community you serve. If you do these things, I believe you will be resilient. This is Allan Sicard’s story.”