This next interview is simply amazing in its simplicity.

We are about to listen to how Jan Willett was the Director of Events for New South Wales from 2004 to 2021.

In that role Jan was responsible for ensuring events such as Mardi Gras, City to Surf, Sydney Marathon, New Years Eve, Australia Day, The Invictus Games were organised and ran to such as successful level that the community did not know that Jan Willet and her team even existed.

I give a long introduction in the interview with Jan as I respect her professionalism and skills to a high degree as she is so modest and humble about the impact she has on others.

I won’t say much here except for some wonderful leadership gems.

When working with a group of people, find something that you respect.

With respect comes listening.

If you are chairing meetings with different groups of people have a definite objective, make sure the meeting is action orientated.

Human being crave certainty.

Create a safe place for people to be listened to and respected.

This interview demonstrates true humble leadership in action. Her final leadership gem says it all.

A good leader should be humble.

If you are humble you will listen.

Listening is the key to good leadership, not talking.