Due to an unexpected delay in producing the next episode of The Courage to Lead Interview Series we have an opportunity to reflect on 2 exceptional leaders who appeared on the show in late 2022.

Both these leaders at the time of interview, were former CEOs of other organisations before they went on to become the CEO of Homes NSW and the Rental Commissioner for NSW.

Earlier this week we heard that the NSW Government have launched, for the first time in decades, a real commitment to create a supply affordable and social housing.  This is at a time when we are experiencing the worst housing crisis we have ever seen.

There are 4 amazing women leading the way in addressing the housing crisis in New South Wales.  These are Rose Jackson, MLCDebbie Georgopoulos, Chief of Staff to Minister Jackson, Rebecca Pinkstone and Trina Jones. Welcome to an enlightening discussion that delves into the heart of leadership and social impact. Today, we bring you insights from 2 of these amazing leaders before their current roles in leading something that has never been done before.

Rebecca Pinkstone, CEO of Bridge Housing, and Trina Jones, CEO of Homelessness NSW.

Rebecca Pinkstone: Leading Change in Community Housing

Rebecca Pinkstone leads Bridge Housing, a pivotal Community Housing Provider in New South Wales, Australia. Dedicated to tackling homelessness and housing affordability, Bridge Housing ensures that individuals and families have a stable place to call home. Rebecca’s journey from executive management to frontline leadership showcases her commitment to making a real difference. Under her guidance, Bridge Housing has earned accolades as a Best Workplace Awards recipient for five consecutive years, reflecting her dedication to fostering supportive and inclusive workplaces.

In our interview, Rebecca discusses the challenges and rewards of her role, emphasizing the importance of shared leadership and learning from diverse mentors. Her insights into balancing leadership with personal responsibilities highlight the realities faced by many CEOs today.

Trina Jones: A Leadership Journey Rooted in Resilience

Trina Jones, currently serving as the Rental Commissioner for NSW and then the CEO of Homelessness NSW, shares her remarkable journey shaped by early leadership experiences. From managing a nightclub in Ireland at a young age to her current role advocating for homeless individuals, Trina exemplifies resilience and determination. Her leadership philosophy—back yourself, reflect on actions, and lead with humility—provides invaluable lessons for aspiring leaders.

Trina’s passion for solving homelessness is evident throughout our conversation. As a seasoned advocate, she offers practical insights and calls for collaborative efforts to address this pressing social issue. Her advice resonates deeply: have the courage to initiate change, collaborate with others, and embrace the challenges of leadership with resilience.

Key Takeaways and Insights

Throughout our interview, both Rebecca and Trina emphasize the transformative power of leadership rooted in empathy and action. From creating supportive workplaces to advocating for vulnerable populations, their stories inspire us to rethink what it means to lead with purpose.

Join us as we explore their leadership journeys, learn from their experiences, and gain actionable insights to drive positive change in our communities. Together, let’s empower leaders and work towards a future where everyone has a place to call home.

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